quinta-feira, setembro 29, 2005

New blog

There's a new blog on the go also powered by yours truly - Ambrozote. It is a blog dedicated to regenerate science through the discovery of new paradigms. All started at the 14th European Colloquium for Theoretical and Quatitative Geography, held this year in Tomar, Portugal. Everybody had too much to drink and....well, you know. We start with the belief that there is chaos in disorder and we will try to build theories from nonsensical ideas.

Feel free to comment and participate. It's an open forum. Above all, have fun!

Check it out here.

3 comentários:

Barba Ruiva disse...

o link não me funciona pá

ambrozote disse...

Não sei q te responder. Comigo funciona pá.

babaloud disse...

comigo também.